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Publisher Rhapsody International Inc Released Mar 21, 2011 Version Category music + video Supported Languages dansk, Deutsch, ελληνικά, English, español, español (España), français, italiano, Nederlands, Português, Português (Brasil), Türkçe Size 0.00 MB Price FREE Rating (current version)
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Publisher's Description

Rhapsody is your unbelievably big music library, streamed to your phone. No ads — just the music you want. Download favorites and keep your music playing when you’re offline.

“unRadio is unmatched; a service very much worth sampling” — PCMag.com

“An appealing blend of on-demand music and Internet radio” — re/code

NOW AVAILABLE! – Rhapsody unRadio

Rhapsody unRadio is radio reborn. With the freedom to listen to and save any song or artist, it’s the first online radio experience that truly sets music free.

• No ads. Ever.
• Infinite skips, no limits here.
• Favorite up to 25 songs for offline listening.
• Create endless stations from your favorite artists or songs.
• Thousands of live AM/FM radio stations from across the planet.
• Special pricing for T-Mobile Customers.

Rhapsody Premier — Your unbelievably big music library:

• Listen to the latest hits and all the classics.
• Stream from your phone, the web, your car, and home audio devices.
• Offline? Download unlimited playlists and songs straight to your device.
• Enjoy high-quality/high bit-rate sound.
• All the features of unRadio, too!

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Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Rhapsody

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It's good

Nov 20, 2014


Switched from Xbox Music & Spotify. Very happy good work keep the updates coming. Alot more music available to play.

Nov 19, 2014


One star cuz it sucks

Nov 18, 2014



Nov 18, 2014


I have used Rhapsody for over 5 years, and love because I can all the music that want.

Nov 18, 2014


The update did not fix the off line mode issues. Still doesn't play right when not getting service and it stops all the time. The mobile app is better though, much easier to download and find music.

Nov 17, 2014


Almost as good as Android

Nov 17, 2014


I tried to use it and you have to use it with your Microsoft account. I can't login my Microsoft account.

Nov 16, 2014


Been a Rhapsody user for a long while. This app hasn't given me any grief. Don't listen to music alot these day's...

Nov 15, 2014


Would give 5stars but some days it freezes all day

Nov 14, 2014


Needs work, starting to have more issues with it

Nov 14, 2014


♡.♡ Freakin Love This App!!! ♡.♡

Nov 13, 2014


Some artists simply just don't play

Nov 13, 2014



Nov 12, 2014


$10/month for unlimited downloads to play when I'm offline! Its awesome. And everything plays over wi fi too so even if I forget to pay my phone bill or if I'm doing boring research on the computer, I can listen to my playlists and any of all 3,000 songs I have in my music library 😁

Nov 11, 2014


Love app,but it gets its moment of not working properly

Nov 11, 2014


Goes offline too often!

Nov 10, 2014


Great app

Nov 8, 2014


Needs more controls. Other apps are better.

Nov 7, 2014


Add an offline mode switch to the app so the music doesn't cut out if you have no data

Nov 5, 2014