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Publisher Rhapsody International Inc Released Mar 21, 2011 Version Category music + video Supported Languages Deutsch, ελληνικά, English, español, español (España), français, italiano, Nederlands, Português, Português (Brasil), Türkçe Size 0.00 MB Price FREE Rating (current version)
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Publisher's Description

Play any song, anytime with your Windows Phone. Choose from a catalog of millions of tracks, create playlists to download and listen offline, or discover new music with Rhapsody radio.

With the Rhapsody app for Windows Phone you can:
• Listen to downloaded songs, albums, and playlists, even without a connection.
• Build your personal library of favorite songs. Access your music on any Rhapsody device or website.
• Be the first to hear new releases from your favorite artists.
• Explore any genre in depth with stations, new releases and top tracks.
• Relax with Rhapsody radio. Pick from artist, genre, or theme-based stations. No ads!
• See what is popular on Rhapsody.

Try it now! Install the app and click the link to start your free trial. After your trial is over, a paid monthly subscription is required to use the app.

Already a member? Just install the app, sign in, and start listening.

No matter where you are, Rhapsody music is with you: hit the streets with the Windows Phone app, rock out at home on your Xbox 360, get through your workday using Rhapsody.com.

What is New:
• Playlist improvements: now you can create, curate and rename playlists on your Windows Phone. Add your favorite tracks to new or existing playlists, and remove tracks you no longer want to hear.
• Radio improvements: search to find stations based on your favorite artists and tracks, send thumbs up or down feedback about the tracks you hear in your stations, save the stations you enjoy to your favorite stations, and easily access your recent and favorite stations.
• Improved display of search results.
• Go to Music+Videos and tap an item in history to start playing it again quickly.
• Other bug fixes and performance improvements.

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Awsome listen nice

Apr 19, 2014


Make sure your date / time is correct in settings or else this app (and others) won't work right

Apr 19, 2014


I hate there's no fast forward rewind and is kind of soulless the user UI needs more effort , also downloaded music sometimes doesn't works

Apr 18, 2014


I want to cancel, it don't open for me, like now going on three months now, and I'm still getting charged😞

Apr 15, 2014


Dramatic improvements over the last few months

Apr 15, 2014


Keeps kicking me off

Apr 14, 2014


It always stops playing after 2 songs in my playlist

Apr 14, 2014


Not available in Albania

Apr 12, 2014


Love it but I think it needs to be updated to where you can share songs from the Nokia Lumia

Apr 12, 2014


Pretty Good, but no fast forward or rewind abilities. 3 stars until then.

Apr 11, 2014


Really hope rhapsody continues development of windows phone app switched from android and this is the app I used for music ..keep us updated with great features thanks :-)

Apr 11, 2014


Excellent service

Apr 10, 2014


I love it

Apr 9, 2014


Love this app on my kindle, I'm able to download music and listen to it without WiFi, but for some reason on my phone, which has no data, won't let me play music I download to the device, unless if I'm connected with WiFi. If they could fix the bug with music you download not playing when your not hooked up to WiFi, I would have gave it five stars. Its very annoying to carry a 8 inch kindle to play music in your car cause the phone app won't let me listen to downloaded. Please fix this rhapsody. I have a windows phone to anyone else wondering if they should get it on their phones.

Apr 8, 2014


I love Rhapsody... That is on the Iphone. I just got the Nokia Lumia Windows phone it freezes and it is not as detailed like on the iPhone. The windows version does not have influences which I like a lot. If you guys fix the problems and add influences Rhapsody will get full stars from me.

Apr 7, 2014


I want to cancel

Apr 7, 2014


Great music love it

Apr 7, 2014


Like I can use music while offline

Apr 7, 2014


It won't open anymore. I love rhapsody, but they clearly don't know how to make an app for windows

Apr 6, 2014


I love this app

Apr 5, 2014