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Publisher Rhapsody International Inc Released Mar 21, 2011 Version Category music + video Supported Languages dansk, Deutsch, ελληνικά, English, español, español (España), français, italiano, Nederlands, Português, Português (Brasil), Türkçe Size 0.00 MB Price FREE Rating (current version)
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Publisher's Description

Play any song, anytime with your Windows Phone. Choose from a catalog of millions of tracks, create playlists to download and listen offline, or discover new music with Rhapsody radio.

With the Rhapsody app for Windows Phone you can:
• Listen to downloaded songs, albums, and playlists, even without a connection.
• Build your personal library of favorite songs. Access your music on any Rhapsody device or website.
• Be the first to hear new releases from your favorite artists.
• Explore any genre in depth with stations, new releases and top tracks.
• Relax with Rhapsody radio. Pick from artist, genre, or theme-based stations. No ads!
• See what is popular on Rhapsody.

Try it now! Install the app and click the link to start your free trial. After your trial is over, a paid monthly subscription is required to use the app.

Already a member? Just install the app, sign in, and start listening.

No matter where you are, Rhapsody music is with you: hit the streets with the Windows Phone app, rock out at home on your Xbox 360, get through your workday using Rhapsody.com.

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This app is complete ****** shitty as hell it never loads anything I ****** want and wont show my music nor it can't ****** search any artist without it saying there are no matches like *** this app if ****** waste of my time

Sep 29, 2014


No matter what I do it constantly goes offline. Not being able to move to my SD card is really rough. I have the Samsung ATIV SE and when your phone only has 16g of memory and the system uses 2g its almost not worth having. Coming to have to go back to Google music.

Sep 28, 2014


Can't login using an existing account, I just keep getting told to sign in and when I do, it tells me the current email already has an account.

Sep 27, 2014


T-Mobile person now with the "free" unRadio subscription, except it won't allow me to login with the windows app and wants me to upgrade. I'm a long time android user bored and decided to go with something new. This isn't a good start.

Sep 26, 2014


Uninstalled it. Couldn't use it unless I agreed to a 120 dollar a year subscription. With that money I'd rather buy music. Streaming music such as this sounds audibly inferior. Uninstalled.

Sep 26, 2014

Selene J.

It's ok...

Sep 25, 2014


Did not get my free 14 day trial

Sep 24, 2014


Esta bien chido pero hay canciones que no encuentro como las latinas

Sep 22, 2014



Sep 20, 2014


Works good but sometimes very slow..

Sep 19, 2014


So you need the $9 a month plan to use this app. I'm currently on the T-Mobile unradio plan. Sucks I can use it.

Sep 18, 2014


Very nice app

Sep 15, 2014



Sep 14, 2014


Wonderful app! Love the huge catalog. Enjoy the slick interface. Two thumbs up.

Sep 14, 2014


I cannot login tmo 925!!

Sep 13, 2014


I enjoy having RHapsody

Sep 9, 2014


Doesn't work

Sep 9, 2014



Sep 6, 2014


Best **** thing l've ever downloaded I can get any music I want. I would recommend it to anyone

Sep 6, 2014



Sep 6, 2014