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Publisher Microsoft Corporation Released Oct 20, 2010 Version Category music + video Supported Languages Deutsch, English, English (United States), español (España), français, italiano Size 0.00 MB Price FREE Rating (current version)
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  • Aug 15, 2013
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  • Oct 20, 2010
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Publisher's Description

Can't wait to see the latest videos posted by your friends? Use this app to play YouTube videos by tapping video links in your email and MMS messages, websites, and apps like Facebook. Tap the YouTube app icon to open YouTube in the browser, where you can sign in and browse millions of videos, including favorites and playlists. This app integrates with the Music & Videos hub so you can get to your most-recently played videos and launch YouTube from the hub.

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Dec 18, 2014


Browser Web link??? Cheap

Dec 18, 2014


To much glithes

Dec 18, 2014


Never had problems. Keep the updates coming.

Dec 17, 2014


Stay awesome 🙆 *** Google

Dec 17, 2014


It's of course really good, but after the latest update, it started to occasionally crash for no reason.

Dec 17, 2014


I hate this app everytime I go to watch a video it always say ERROR,OR PROBLEM DECODING

Dec 17, 2014


***. It opens on the browser ! FAIL !

Dec 17, 2014


Just launches ie in, pathetic

Dec 17, 2014


Videos freeze and don't play...

Dec 17, 2014


I understand the Microsoft/Google debacle but, the videos continue to say," Error: Video cannot be decoded". Can you please fix this. It's really aggravating.

Dec 17, 2014

João Pedro

é apenas um atalho

Dec 16, 2014


Lumia 635 when I try to play any video the screen just flashes over and over and then the "app" which is just a shortcut link for IE to take you to YouTube. Biggest waste of space on my phone.

Dec 16, 2014


Bad play Google

Dec 16, 2014


On the hand besides my app closing randomly this is a pretty good app people are just mean rude annoying people ㅠ.ㅠ but anyways I love this app I get to watching all kinds of youtubers and I get to turn my screen off with my music stopping Have a nice day~~~

Dec 16, 2014


**** google

Dec 16, 2014


Thanks alot google. Now you are my greatest enemy to man kind.

Dec 16, 2014


Automatically rotates my screen.....(from portrait to landscape)....when launched....please look into this

Dec 16, 2014

Ahmad Kaukab

Should to fix it.

Dec 16, 2014


Doesn't work.

Dec 16, 2014