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Publisher News360 Filial LLC Released Oct 23, 2010 Version Category news + weather Supported Languages English Size 2.90 MB Price FREE Rating (current version)
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Publisher's Description

"Apps We Like: News360"
- Wall Street Journal

"News360 Is the Wikipedia of News Apps"
- Windows Phone Daily

"News360 is the best way to stay informed on Windows Phone 7"

News360 aggregates more than 15,000 different news sources around the web to bring you news stories in a concise and useful stream, along with photos and video covering the story. The semantic analysis technology behind News360 allows you to tailor your feeds to your exact interests and location, and get background information and dossiers about all the companies, people and locations that make the news.

Key highlights:

• Enjoy English-speaking news streams, live, from respected sources around the globe and around the corner
• Read the hottest stories from an ever-expanding range of sources, political, cultural and social, collected by sophisticated linguistic algorithms
• Create a News360 account on and the app will use information in your Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Evernote account to automatically personalize your news - no configuration required!
• Dive deeper into the details about people, companies and brands, with hyperlinks to detailed dossiers
• Get local news by using your phone's GPS or WiFi connection to find your location
• Save stories for offline reading

Follow us on Twitter @news360app or on Facebook to get the latest news and updates about News360.

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So far is working well. Very good selection of topics and presentation. However, after choosing my interests while signed in on the web version, those interests are not making it to across my Windows Phone app.

Jan 23, 2015


Great news App. A must have for your collection

Jan 17, 2015


Good not great...

Jan 15, 2015


Broken App

Jan 11, 2015


Pin live tile doesn't work, custom feeds strange behavior. Overall great service

Dec 28, 2014


Great app. But I do not like new news list without pics , should be given the option in settings.

Dec 22, 2014


Its good but there are better

Dec 21, 2014


News360 is my go to news reader for new I care about across all my devices.

Dec 20, 2014


Revised my rating. The new list only news is bad. We should have an option.

Dec 19, 2014


Plz update!!!!!!

Dec 17, 2014


Great news sources and layout, but laggy and unstable even on high end phones.

Dec 3, 2014


Windows 8.1 app much better. Phone 8 app missing custom news feed. Only shows top news feed. Lived tile also doesn't work.

Nov 10, 2014


Best I ever saw

Oct 24, 2014


This app will keep you updated about almost all the news you want. Lacks some updates, hoping they will fix bugs

Oct 20, 2014


The news is no longer categorized. I used to love scrolling to the Tech section to find relevant news. That is no longer the case. That's unfortunate. I'll need to find another news source to take the place of what I once enjoyed.

Sep 29, 2014


The categories in this app does not refresh anymore

Sep 29, 2014


Tech feed stopped showing tech stories, now shows latest news only.

Sep 25, 2014


All categories have the same news stories.

Sep 21, 2014


Live tile doesn't work.

Sep 19, 2014


I love it. Best news app in the store.

Sep 18, 2014