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Publisher itrona GmbH Released Jan 18, 2011 Version Category travel + navigation Supported Languages Deutsch, English Size 12.37 MB Price FREE Rating (current version)
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Publisher's Description

With xMaps you have the possibility to use the worldwide map data from openstreetmaps.org on your phone. xMaps comes without any map data, you can download any maps in different zoom levels for free. You can zoom in / out and rotate and tilt the map.
Use xMaps to search a point by coordinate or to plan a travel route by car or by foot. You have the possibility to add markers for your favorite places. With the GPX Recorder you can record a track and view it later on the GPX Viewer. xMaps is ideal for travelling, hiking or biking.

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Great concept!!!

Aug 26, 2014


If you turn on GLONASS, in diagnostic commands. Place the phone in 2G. Turn off Data, and download the maps while connected to wifi. Then, you have a Free Offline gps. That does not drain your phone battery. So far this map app is the best I have tried. Your not gonna find another offline map, especially for free.

Nov 26, 2013


Very slow to browse around.

Aug 26, 2013


develop this further it is a good project !

Jul 24, 2013


Good offline navigation. Bad zooming. You could fix that.

May 28, 2013


Good idea but must improve the UI

Apr 5, 2013


Yep, 5 stars for the courage to develop this. I tend to compare it with Locus - but I do not know any alternative for windows phone. I hope more features will be added in the future. Sometimes the GPS is not that great, maybe the internet is not available and you do not have time to buy a real map - or at least you can not cut just a part of it. In that moment, you will see how useful is this application (at least the idea, since there is more work to be done). However, it might be wiser to stay with the old map and compas... At least until we will have something to count on - and some more essential features. For example, I will need: - more battery friendly and/or advance controls over this - more maps available - better GPS integration - some info about the precision, get position on demand, noise reduction, altitude info Thx for your work, we appreciate the effort. I see a lot of potential in this application.

Dec 16, 2012


I hate the interface. UI looks very unpolished and amateur.

Jul 11, 2012

sEAoFgREEN420 x

To ssssssssssssssslow to load. I could drive to my location before the map finishes loading. Will rate higher if it loads faster.

Apr 9, 2012



Mar 15, 2012


Very slow loading =/

Jan 12, 2012


Its a good app, give a lot more than others, still needs to work in a better interface, nevertheless is the best I've used

Jan 9, 2012

Arthur johnston

OSM is a great idea, and I'm proud that i am one of the people who help in improving it, for this program it is a great one yet it need some work, making it a bit smoother and more user friendly. Keep up the good work and hope to see and update very very soon

Dec 13, 2011


Please add feature.. Run in lock screen mode

Oct 2, 2011


Good app, better if it provide a way to know if current displayed map is offline or online. Multi maps switch and unlimited size of map are also required.

Jul 3, 2011

sunjack tinting

Its just way to slow. Sorry I could been to the destination and back before it loaded up.

May 31, 2011


The only bad thing is that it doesn't let you download more than 400 Mb. Also prevent from locking option will be nice.

May 17, 2011


Now crashes following update 7 May. HTC HD7 user.

May 7, 2011


Aplikace je zdarma a funguje

Apr 23, 2011


Slow & bug. Waiting for new version.

Apr 23, 2011