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Publisher Dailymotion SA Released Feb 10, 2011 Version Category entertainment Supported Languages Deutsch, English, español, français, Nederlands, polski, Türkçe Size 0.00 MB Price FREE Rating (current version)
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Publisher's Description

Put millions of videos right in your pocket, with Dailymotion available on the Windows Phone.
Search, browse and watch your favorite videos in Dailymotion’s popular channels (News, Fun, Sport, Music, Arts etc…).

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Like this app but there has not been an update for almost a year while on android it has been updated a lot lately which is annoying because they get updates and we don't

Apr 18, 2014


Its good to see a useful app on windows and amazingly its free....

Apr 15, 2014


I can't log in

Apr 15, 2014


Great app and definitely needs some updates to fix videos to start faster. Other than that it's waaaay better than the YouTube app.

Mar 12, 2014


Good app. I can watch all my Korean dramas(: but it takes too long to load. :'(

Feb 22, 2014


Where is the family filter option?

Feb 18, 2014

Haji Dawood

Daily motion software is very bad second second loading why video proper not loading

Feb 14, 2014


Only reason this got 2 stars is because you can view your favorites. Other than that this app is limited to a lot of useful tools

Jan 20, 2014


Works great. Needs an option to turn on/off adult filters though. Could use an update

Jan 4, 2014


I used to be an advocate for windows. This app, like Spotify and others have turned me against windows phones. Either Microsoft gets a power rush from holding back its customers or they are flat out inferior to android and apple.

Jan 4, 2014


Not a good app

Jan 2, 2014


Superb app but plzz launch the HD version soon plz plz plz :(

Dec 24, 2013


Let us remove the family filter = 5 stars. :)

Dec 12, 2013


There is no access to my playlist!!!!!

Dec 1, 2013


Great video playback..but why can I not deactivate the family filter?

Nov 13, 2013


Need to update

Nov 6, 2013


This app **%%N SUXX so bad... I can never log into the "login in" portion of the downloaded app that was supposed to make it so much easier than pullin my hair like now

Oct 30, 2013


Its okay, would've been nice to access my playlist and also remove the family filter

Oct 16, 2013


Works great on my Lumia 920, but no access to playlists

Oct 16, 2013

the quiet

So nice

Oct 7, 2013