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Publisher YELP! INC. Released Oct 19, 2010 Version Category travel + navigation Supported Languages dansk, Deutsch, English (United States), español, suomi, français, italiano, Nederlands, polski, Português, svenska, Türkçe Size 0.00 MB Price FREE Rating (current version)
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Publisher's Description

Looking for a burrito joint open now? An Irish pub nearby? A gas station you can drive to before your tank hits empty? Yelp for Windows Phone is here to help. Use us to search for places to eat, shop, drink, relax and play then read reviews from an active community of locals in the know.

• Search for businesses near you
• Tap quick links to find nearby bars, restaurants, cafes and more
• Narrow your searches by 'hood, distance, price, and what's open now
• Browse reviews to read what's great (and not so great) in your city
• Find great Deals offered by your favorite local businesses on Windows Phone
• Add tips, photos, and draft reviews for your favorite businesses
• Check-in and share where you are with your Yelp friends
• Make reservations on OpenTable without leaving the Yelp app
• Look up addresses and phone numbers for thousands of businesses
• Yelp does augmented reality with Monocle. Overlay business information onto the world around you.

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Give is the same features as Iphone and Android

Aug 30, 2014


A really nice app, looks good, works well, but missing a few key yelp features, including the ability to post a review, and doesn't show owner's comments or review updates

Aug 28, 2014


I really need this app to be better. I know someone has the brains to do it.

Aug 26, 2014


****, error all the time.

Aug 25, 2014


This app works great for finding restaurants, bakeries, or coffee/tea stops. Once in a blue moon the metadata can be outdated and I've come across a couple of locations that no longer exist, but otherwise it's great for finding all the information about excellent food and treats you might need on the go.

Aug 24, 2014


Very buggy app, location checks frequently fail, textboxes don't correctly remember your input. Writing a review is hard since formatting isn't easy, you can't post the review from the app (only save a draft), you can't post it from the mobile site either, you have to use the full site. Just terrible. The only reason to use this is the mobile site is worse.

Aug 24, 2014


I started my food journey using Yelp on android about a year and a half ago. Since then, I have become Yelp Elite and migrated to Windows phone. However, I am thoroughly disappointed by the lack of care Yelp has given to the Windows phone app. It is cumbersome yet lacks MANY of the features that the Android and Iphone apps have. Most annoying is the fact that it completely lacks any of the social media aspects other apps have. I'm frustrated and disappointed. I hope they resolve this soon with a MAJOR update.

Aug 23, 2014


Still missing a lot of web site features. Only able to create drafts of reviews which is so annoying it limits the usefulness of the app.

Aug 23, 2014


not working

Aug 20, 2014


Thanks yelp, keep it coming.

Aug 20, 2014


Poor attempt. Needs alot of work

Aug 16, 2014


Could be much worse. The only frustrating thing about this app is it is so slow to get your location that I usually just type it manually. HTC 8X

Aug 11, 2014


Pointless app. Can't use it to write reviews, it only saves them as a draft and you have to log into the website to post it, which begs the question: why download it in the first place.

Aug 9, 2014


This app is great. It even gives you the distance of a restaurant that is nearby. I totally recommended this app greatly.

Aug 7, 2014


Really good app. Make it so you can post from your mobile device and I'll give 5 stars.

Aug 7, 2014


One of the worst mobile apps I've used. You cannot even post reviews from the app. You can post drafts which you then have to go to the (desktop) website to actually publish. It's a load of rubbish that puts me off reviewing venues. Utterly dire.

Aug 4, 2014


Great app ... Very helpful at finding good restaurant while traveling. Critical reviews seem largely to do with comparisons to app on other platforms. The app works great as is...

Aug 3, 2014


Can't post reviews from a review app LOL. The interface isn't bad but the fact that you can't post reviews and only write draft reviews is enough to knock this app down to two stars.

Aug 3, 2014


Needs more updates but not a bad app. I would recommend some geo-location feature. I would like notifications on clothing stores higher than 4 starts when i get close to them, for example

Aug 2, 2014


Great app. Only major issue I see is, they are missing: Hours of Operations for the stores and locations. This would be a great addition to the app!

Aug 1, 2014