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Publisher YELP! INC. Released Oct 19, 2010 Version Category travel + navigation Supported Languages dansk, Deutsch, English (United States), español, suomi, français, italiano, Nederlands, polski, Português, svenska, Türkçe Size 0.00 MB Price FREE Rating (current version)
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Publisher's Description

Looking for a burrito joint open now? An Irish pub nearby? A gas station you can drive to before your tank hits empty? Yelp for Windows Phone is here to help. Use us to search for places to eat, shop, drink, relax and play then read reviews from an active community of locals in the know.

• Search for businesses near you
• Tap quick links to find nearby bars, restaurants, cafes and more
• Narrow your searches by 'hood, distance, price, and what's open now
• Browse reviews to read what's great (and not so great) in your city
• Find great Deals offered by your favorite local businesses on Windows Phone
• Add tips, photos, and draft reviews for your favorite businesses
• Check-in and share where you are with your Yelp friends
• Make reservations on OpenTable without leaving the Yelp app
• Look up addresses and phone numbers for thousands of businesses
• Yelp does augmented reality with Monocle. Overlay business information onto the world around you.

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Annoying functionality and slow performance. Can't submit reviews without logging in website. You can checkin and read reviews. Picture upload it's slow, even on Wi-Fi.

Oct 20, 2014


Is it me or would it be nice to save a review in the app and NOT have to go to the website to finalize it Please fix this

Oct 16, 2014


App hides many negative reviews through Yelps arbitrary filtering policy. You have to go to the website to see the negative reviews by clicking the hidden link. I have seen many valuable reviews get hidden by Yelp. I no longer trust this app.

Oct 12, 2014


This app is lacking. One of the main reasons I used it was to share my check ins with friends and check out the cool places my friends checked in to. There's no notification option for this app. Why?! The only glitch I've had since leaving iPhone.

Oct 12, 2014


Sucks compared to ios and android. Can't see my badges and bookmarks cannot be sorted by distance. I love yelp and this app needs fixing!!!!

Oct 10, 2014


Don't use yelp.

Oct 8, 2014


Great app

Oct 7, 2014


Great app but please add a transparent tile background to make it five stars.

Oct 4, 2014


What everyone else already said..

Oct 4, 2014


Yelp, seriously, just because Windows Phone users make up a minority of smartphone users doesn't give you any right to dump such a halfcocked app onto us where to get any type of usability we have to go visit the website itself. The people have spoken and you need to listen. Until you do, I'm using other restaurant apps such as Zomato, who actually cares about basic quality.

Oct 1, 2014


Idk what to say really.. Windows phone 8.1 is a beautiful OS, but app developers are conspiring against it it seems.. I kinda blame Microsoft too for not taking the store seriously.. The app is rubbish, just like any other app on Windows store. I'm selling my Nokia Lumia that's it I've had enough of this **

Sep 29, 2014


1 Year without Update! Missing alot of Good Features that other platforms have available!

Sep 28, 2014


The app is nice and smooth, but for some insane reason you can write up a review in the app, but you can't post it without visiting The app only saves it as a draft to be posted later. The whole point of Yelp is to review and read reviews and you can only do half, so I'm giving the app less than half of the stars it can receive.

Sep 22, 2014


Establishments can buy reviews. Ratings arr a joke. Don't use

Sep 21, 2014



Sep 21, 2014


This app is pretty awful. The interface is poorly-designed, the filters are EXTREMELY limited, it doesn't remember really anything (like that I'd prefer my restaurants listed by distance rather than rating), hasn't received a major update in YEARS, and is full of inaccurate ratings, reviews, and information. And, did you know that Yelp manipulates business reviews in exchange for payment (or lack of)? Look it up. C'mon, Yelp--give us a quality, HONEST app.

Sep 20, 2014


This app suddenly stopped giving me the basic business information: location, hours and phone #...duh! I sign in and it still doesn't give me the info. This app sucks. I'm leaving windows!!!

Sep 19, 2014


This app does exactly what it promises. I love it!! If people want the same experience that they get on the iPhone and Android, they use the app on those platforms!!!

Sep 18, 2014


I, too, am here to complain that this app is feature-Incomplete compared to the Android-version. Lack of filter options in search (e.g. open at a specific time, etc) is the biggest annoyance.

Sep 17, 2014


This app doesn't work

Sep 16, 2014