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Publisher Rob Smith Released Oct 7, 2010 Version Category travel + navigation Supported Languages English Size 1.38 MB Price FREE Rating (current version)
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Publisher's Description

OneBusAway provides access to real-time arrival information for public transit vehicles in multiple cities including Seattle, Atlanta, and Tampa.

Features include:
* Real-time arrival arrival information for public transit.
* Map display of stops and routes.
* Bookmarks and recent stop history.
* Search for stops by route, address, and stop number.

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Fanny Paola

Has saved my life countless times

Apr 13, 2014


Slow to load most of the time, for Seattle a better option is the Transit Seattle app

Apr 3, 2014


No support for NYC

Mar 28, 2014


Works great and is most of the time very accurate!

Mar 5, 2014


Great app!

Feb 27, 2014


The times aren't always perfect, but its way better than the listed times at the stops. This is a must have, can't live without app!

Feb 23, 2014


The service is fantastic, but the app is extremely laggy and slow. The map takes forever to load and it seems like the route data waits for that, which is stupid. Needs some work.

Feb 19, 2014


Excellent, better than android and iOS

Feb 15, 2014


Definitely not accurate, miss the bus more now than before I got this stupid app... UNINSTALL

Jan 20, 2014


Decent. Wish it would show estimated/scheduled arrival times for stops.

Nov 8, 2013


Terrible. Constant "location unavailable" or "can not connect" messages, and if it does actually load it takes a few minutes and the routes are not updated, it only shows the scheduled time and the actual status only says "unknown"

Oct 31, 2013



Oct 23, 2013


What happened to support for Win8? This app loads even slower and times out too often.

Oct 6, 2013


From 5 star to 3, now consistently gives "cannot find location" msg for favorites, which need no location just next bus at favorite. Eventually gives info with unacceptable delay

Oct 2, 2013


Was working (slowly) for a long time, but it recently stopped showing me bus times. It just always has a server timeout.

Sep 18, 2013



Sep 13, 2013


Works amazingly well in Seattle area! There's a little room for fit and finish improvements to the app, but it's great nevertheless.

Sep 12, 2013


A little slow to load when you need it most, but otherwise a great app

Aug 27, 2013


I Live in Seattle & its THE Go to App...only downside is the weekend times almost never correct. Other than that it's wonderful.

Aug 19, 2013


I need feature to pin bus

Aug 16, 2013